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Aphytis - Aphytis melinus
Aphytis linganensis

Red scale parasitoids


Target Pests

Red Scale, Oriental Scale, Oleander Scale


Crops suitable

Citrus, passion fruit, olives, walnuts, roses, papaws and ornamentals.


Tiny yellow wasps capable of short flights within a tree or to the next tree. Adult female lays her eggs under the scale cover onto the body of female scales. After hatching the aphytis larva feeds on the scale insect.

How to use

Supplied as live adult wasps in small vials holding about 1,000 wasps.

Releases should be made before the scale insects have built up to damaging levels. Multiple releases are recommended during anticipated periods of pressure from scale insects.


Opened vials are attached to foliage with a rubber band and wasps emerge in their own time.


Details of release procedures and recommendations are provided on request.


Release rates

20,000 to 50,000 per hectare.




Other biocontrol agents commonly used with Aphytis




Detailed descriptions and instructions for use are provided in

The Good Bug Book - Second Edition Available from suppliers

Or view or download the entry for Aphytis here.


Red scale in citrus