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Cryptolaemus montrouzeri

Mealy bug and scale predator


Target Pests

Mealy bugs and some scales


Crops suitable

Citrus, custard apples etc., protected crops, atriums.




How to use

Small lady beetle with orange head with black wing covers. Lays up to 500 eggs per female. The larvae (not to be confused with mealybug) and adults feed on mealybug eggs and nymphs.


Cryptolaemus are sold as adults in small punnets each containing 40 beetles. Sprinkle adult beetles onto foliage near mealybug infestations.

Release rates





Other biocontrol agents commonly used with Cryptolaemus:

Protected crops: 1-2 beetles per square meter.

Outdoor crops: 1,000 to 2,000 beetles per hectare.




Detailed descriptions and instructions for use are provided in

The Good Bug Book - Second Edition Available from good bug suppliers

Or view or download a PDF file of the Book entry for Cryptolaemus.