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About this web site

This web site is hosted by The Association of Beneficial Arthropod Producers Inc (ABC Inc) - better know as the good bug producers. See About for more on the group.

The mass release of beneficial insects is now a "mainstream" component of many cropping systems, most notably - citrus, strawberries, nursery, cut flower and glasshouse vegetable crops, sweet corn, macadamia nuts...

The site lists all the commercially available beneficial insects in Australia and New Zealand.

More detailed information is available from suppliers and their web sites.

Go to By crop to see the beneficial insects typically important in your crop.

Locally occurring natural enemies are likewise more and more being recognised as a significant componenet in IPM programs.

The site also has an introduction to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) - including suggestions on how to start using beneficial insects in your crops.

We have also provided some tables listing the toxicity of commonly used chemicals to a range of beneficial species.

Much of the information contained on this web site can be found in the Good Bug Book available from suppliers. Many of the biocontrol agent entries in this web site have a downloadable PDF of the relevant book chapter.

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